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Surchers offers also Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.

Handshake Majestic SEO

Surchers offers a comprehensive tool to retrieve information from Majestic.

Your advantages SEO Management Tool

By defining the keywords you will be able to monitor the progression of your search results. Surchers provides you with clear and comprehensive reporting giving you full access to the local and global results. Surchers offers supports for major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo.

SEO Management Tool

The Ranking Tracker of Surchers delivers daily detailed reports enabling you to monitor the changes in the search results of keywords directly.
Surchers offers daily or weekly reports by email.


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Surchers offers a comprehensive tool to retrieve information from Majestic.

MOZ Domain Metrics

Surchers also generates comprehensive and accessible reports of the MOZ indicators for Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Google Analytics

Surchers offers full and accessible reports of organic, paid and referring links by Google Analytics.


Surchers provides a comprehensive tool for a bright and accessible reporting for the analysis of keywords.

Website Management

Surchers provides you with all the necessary information for optimal and professional website management.

Advanced Link Management

The unique and comprehensive SEO tool of Surchers offers complete and accessible insights of your link campaign.